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Boyar High School students in “Hefetz” by Hanoch Levin

Amateur actress Merav Lapidos portrays Shukra in a Boyar high school students’ production of “Hefetz” by play writer Hanoch Levin (1943-1999). Hefetz deals with relationships based on humiliation and degradation. Jerusalem, Israel. 14-Mar-2012.

Amateur actor Ron Paldi portrays Hefetz in a Boyar high school students’ production “Hefetz” by play writer Hanoch Levin (1943-1999). Hefetz deals with relationships based on humiliation and degradation. Jerusalem, Israel. 14-Mar-2012.

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Shattered Voices

Efrat Ifrach, Barhan Mekonen and Shagao Gethon of the Martef Basement Theatre in Shattered Voices;

Colored lights were horrible! B&W is the way to go.

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The Frame is Yours! Use it Wisely!

Art Week at Hila’s school. Hila’s home room teacher desperately sought parents who could pitch in. So, I thought, why not? Can’t be too difficult.

I Tweeted and Buzzed for assistance, but none came. Specifically I wanted to know the recommended dosage for sedatives – not a good idea to overdose in front of a group of 14-15 year olds.

I planned a three-hour photography composition workshop – “Building the Frame” and asked for ten participants. I got twenty! Not easy with such a large group but I declare it a success!

I gave them an intro to composition, stressing  The frame is yours! Use it wisely! Control what goes in, what’s left out, which way you’re looking and exactly when you freeze the moment for eternity. Rule of thirds, perspective, patterns, guiding lines, background, less is more and creating depth, displaying lots of photos demonstrating these guidelines. But I didn’t have too many expectations – you can only digest so many rules in one meal and at this age, breaking the rules is the norm.

Then we went out for an hour of shooting in the Hebrew University campus. Only three instructions; shoot with everything in auto, think only of composition and do not photograph each other – that’s too easy!

Back at school each student chose 3-4 photos for public display and critique by the group. Boy was I surprised! These kids really took me seriously! I could feel the thought that went into many of the photos. I could sense the planning before many clicks of the shutter. Sure, cats were a big hit, but many of the kids were courageous enough for straight on candids of strangers, got down on their knees and abdomen for low angle shots, isolated foreground elements with depth of field, searched for and found interesting patterns – they really did great work!

Afterwards principal Gilad asked me how it went, if his students are now ready for National Geographic. I said “no, but they’ve definitely learned that the frame is their own and they try to use it wisely!” I’m not sure he understood what I was talking about.


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Jungle Book

A physically  intensive hour and a half in the humidity of the basement on a warm Jerusalem evening left me quite exhausted. Then, post processing for correct white balance was a horror and I cannot swear to the accuracy of color rendition. But the bottom line is there are a few frames I am proud of;

The Martef Theatre in the play Jungle Book by Rudtard Kipling performing in a wine cellar at a shelter for young women at risk. The Martef (Basement) Theatre was established in 2006 as a social/business venture by the girls at Bet Hatzabarit Shelter. A school for drama was established in the wine cellar of an old Templer tavern. The actors are borderline youth.

The goals of the school are two; use of drama for self-empowerment of its actors and the creation of quality theater based on the highest artistic and professional standards. Professional teachers are employed. Student/actors must pass auditions to be accepted and undergo training in drama, voice development, physical abilities and more.

The Martef interpretation of Jungle Book is based on Kipling’s phylosophical aspects and tries to deal with fear, violence and death. It is the result of a year long study conducted by the students/actors and their view on maturing in a violent society.

This is voluntary work on my part, to what I think is a very worthy cause. The Martef Theatre uses my photos for promoting their shows and selling tickets – that’s what keeps them alive!

And me … well, I get a lot of satisfaction meeting these kids and even a magazine cover shot last year.

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saturday with tamar

saturday with tamar at kibbutz meitzar in th southern golan heights …

located in the southern golan heights, kibbutz meitzar hosts a one-year military-preparatory program for highschool graduates. students are educated in leadership, democracy, donating to the community, building their identity in terms of values and ideas and studies of zionism, judaism, philosophy, social awareness and involvment and the history and tradition of the jewish people – all in a modern and liberal approach.

this one-year program, which seems to be an amazing educational and social experience, was tamar’s idea and choice. the program is run in cooperation with the army and tamar’s draft was postponed for one year – tamar’s, and that of her 60 partners in this journey.

satursay dorit and i made the 2-1/2 hour drive to visit tamar. it was a rainy drive through the jordan valley but well worth the effort!

the “campus” seems like a fun place to be. all the young people there seem very nice and most important, tamar seems very happy! 

we had a picnic lunch together in tamar’s room, which she shares with may, a tour of the campus and kibbutz and some great chat time.

it went by too fast! but tamar, at this very moment you are on your way home for the holidays, and we’re waiting for you!


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