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Shimon Peres attends Israeli Police ceremony for excelling officers

Had an interesting shoot yesterday and came back with a few photos I like.

Ceremony for recognition of excelling police officers, just a few days before Independence Day, started out like this…

President Shimon Peres and Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino are welcomed at the entrance to a pre-Independence Day ceremony paying tribute to excelling police officers. Jerusalem, Israel. 23-Apr-2012.

Then Shimon Peres got on stage and put up quite a show…

Israel Police Comissioner Yohanan Danino is greatly amused by story told by President Shimon Peres related to first Israel Police Commissioner, Yichezkel Sahar. Jerusalem, Israel. 23-Apr-2012.

Later, it got a bit personal…

President Shimon Peres kisses and consoles mother of Senior NCO Paskal Avrahami, killed in action in August 2011 after 25 years of service as family receives a certificate honoring their son’s lifetime achievements. Jerusalem, Israel. 23-Apr-2012.

And concluded with the Tikva…

President Shimon Peres and Minister of Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch sing “HaTikva”, the Israeli National Anthem, concluding a ceremony, viewed through the bent arm of a saluting Israel Police officer. Jerusalem, Israel. 23-Apr-2012.


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