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This week in photos


1931 doorway in the Christian Quarter. Jerusalem, Israel. 15/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 1250, f/2, 1/60

Jerusalem Light Festival

Festival of light. Jerusalem, Israel. 15/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 2500, f/2, 1/340

Beitar Yerushalaim

Some five-hundred supporters of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club rally in support of their favorite team at first seasonal training session in Bayit VaGan Field. Supporters broke into the field disrupting practice and hugging the players. Jerusalem, Israel. 19/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 800, f/4, 1/550

Turning Point 5

Business as usual for the genral public while an evacuation to shelters is announced in Home Front Command exercise "Turning Point 5" at central bus station. Jerusalem, Israel. 22/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 640, f/4, 1/60

Home Front Command

"Turning Point 5", now in its last day, drills a passenger jet crash at Reading Power Plant. Bodies of three casualties lay alongside aircraft debris. Tel-Aviv, Israel. 23/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 400, f/8, 1/1400

World refugee Day

Refugee children from far corners of the Earth and Israeli children play together in Hebrew at a rally in the Levinski Park to mark World Refugee Day. Tel-Aviv, Israel. 24/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 400, f/4, 1/320

Upgraded X100 firmware to version 1.10 – smooth as butter!

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Jungle Book

A physically  intensive hour and a half in the humidity of the basement on a warm Jerusalem evening left me quite exhausted. Then, post processing for correct white balance was a horror and I cannot swear to the accuracy of color rendition. But the bottom line is there are a few frames I am proud of;

The Martef Theatre in the play Jungle Book by Rudtard Kipling performing in a wine cellar at a shelter for young women at risk. The Martef (Basement) Theatre was established in 2006 as a social/business venture by the girls at Bet Hatzabarit Shelter. A school for drama was established in the wine cellar of an old Templer tavern. The actors are borderline youth.

The goals of the school are two; use of drama for self-empowerment of its actors and the creation of quality theater based on the highest artistic and professional standards. Professional teachers are employed. Student/actors must pass auditions to be accepted and undergo training in drama, voice development, physical abilities and more.

The Martef interpretation of Jungle Book is based on Kipling’s phylosophical aspects and tries to deal with fear, violence and death. It is the result of a year long study conducted by the students/actors and their view on maturing in a violent society.

This is voluntary work on my part, to what I think is a very worthy cause. The Martef Theatre uses my photos for promoting their shows and selling tickets – that’s what keeps them alive!

And me … well, I get a lot of satisfaction meeting these kids and even a magazine cover shot last year.

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