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Lone White Soldier Patrols Jerusalem Streets

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VERY impressed with X100! Really a joy!

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Keren Avrashi

Following “Bring Him Home!” on http://TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem and the gracious permission I received from Keren Avrashi to use her song “What will be?” in the soundtrack, I also received an invitation to Keren’s performance last Thursday night at the Tzuzamen Bar in Tel-Aviv. Dorit and I met Sharon, Keren’s lovely PR lady and manager, at the bar entrance at the beginning of what proved to be a magical, musical, evening.

Keren is a wonderfully talented musician with a voice that pierces your heart, especially at a very small and intimate performance with a couple of beers. Accompanied by her husband and baby boy, and accompanied on stage by Udi Blum (guitar) and Nir Vagdanski (accordion), Keren sang beautifully and made the drive to Tel-Aviv well worth it!

Before singing “What will be?”, Keren honored me by mentioning my use of the song and dedicated it to Gilad Shalit’s quick return. Amen!

Keren, I wish you all the best! Much success and happiness! and thank you, both for the use of your song and for a wonderful evening!

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