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Knesset Celebrates 63 Years in an Open House Event – Jerusalem

Thousands of Israelis visit the Knesset today as it opens its doors to the public hosting an Open House event on the occasion of the parliament’s 63 birthday. Speaker of the Knesset, Mr. Reuven “Rubi” Rivlin was quoted saying: ”The Knesset is the house of the people, and this will literally be true, when a crowd of thousands comes to the Knesset to enjoy a range of activities. The purpose of the ”Open House” is to celebrate the Knesset`s birthday in a way which will bring the public closer to the Knesset, its unique role and its operations. The happening taking place on Tu Bishvat will be a mix of educational activities, cultural events, exercises led by MKs and yearly traditional ceremonies. I can promise anyone who comes an exceptional experience.”

Many interactive activities took place in Parliament today including the Knesset Band who welcomed visitors in the front plaza, ‘Story Hour’ for children lead by MKs, an exhibition of the Knesset Guard dog handlers, symposiums lead by MKs on political issues for students, actors dressed as famous Israeli political leaders interacted with visitors and a workshop on hand-powered bicycles for the handicapped.

A kindergarten class from the Arab city Tayibe arrives to the Israeli Parliament for an open house celebration on the occasion of its 63rd birthday, exemplary of Israeli democracy and equality of rights. Jerusalem, Israel. 8th February 2012.

A row of photo portraits of past prime ministers decorates the halls of the Knesset as it opens its doors to the public for an Open House birthday celebration. First photo portrays legendary David Ben-Gurion. Jerusalem, Israel. 8th February 2012.

Children are mesmerized as MK Nachman Shai reads a story by Lea Goldberg to granddaughter’s kindergarten class in ‘Story Hour’. Thousands of Israelis visit the Knesset today for an open house celebration. Jerusalem, Israel. 8th February 2012.


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