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Is this the ‘one’?

with the G10 as a backup…

Or will it be


with the X100 as a backup?

Which causes you to lose sleep? The Canon G1X or the Fuji X-Pro-1?

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This week in photos


1931 doorway in the Christian Quarter. Jerusalem, Israel. 15/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 1250, f/2, 1/60

Jerusalem Light Festival

Festival of light. Jerusalem, Israel. 15/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 2500, f/2, 1/340

Beitar Yerushalaim

Some five-hundred supporters of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club rally in support of their favorite team at first seasonal training session in Bayit VaGan Field. Supporters broke into the field disrupting practice and hugging the players. Jerusalem, Israel. 19/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 800, f/4, 1/550

Turning Point 5

Business as usual for the genral public while an evacuation to shelters is announced in Home Front Command exercise "Turning Point 5" at central bus station. Jerusalem, Israel. 22/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 640, f/4, 1/60

Home Front Command

"Turning Point 5", now in its last day, drills a passenger jet crash at Reading Power Plant. Bodies of three casualties lay alongside aircraft debris. Tel-Aviv, Israel. 23/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 400, f/8, 1/1400

World refugee Day

Refugee children from far corners of the Earth and Israeli children play together in Hebrew at a rally in the Levinski Park to mark World Refugee Day. Tel-Aviv, Israel. 24/06/2011. Fujifilm X100, ISO 400, f/4, 1/320

Upgraded X100 firmware to version 1.10 – smooth as butter!

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Canon G10 Firmware Update

I am one of those lucky ones with the occasional magenta cast images that look great on the LCD and not-so-great once downloaded to PC. I am also very lucky to have a G10 with a serial number in the ‘affected range’. Unfortunately, having checked with my camera dealer a few months ago, the local solution was a service center that required you to drive to Tel-Aviv, leave the camera for about 48 hours then drive back again to pick it up. Unable to part with my beloved for 48 hours I decided to accept its shortcomings and learn to live with them.

Yesterday I ran across the do-it-yourself solution endorsed by Canon. Followed the instructions carefully and the neurological procedure went well. My C1/C2 setting were maintained and the image counter was not effected.

Heed Canon’s warning: The following content is to help you update the firmware by yourself. If errors occur when performing the firmware update, there are instances where the camera cannot be started; therefore, please read the precautionary notes carefully before starting the firmware update.

So, if you are as lucky as I am, go ahead and do it!

Canon PowerShot G10 Firmware Upgrade

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EF 35mm f/2 – real world impressions

Doing “Bring him home!” featuring Ariella Rosen on TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem I used only one lens on the 5D – the EF 35mm f/2. Why the fixation?

A couple years ago I was interviewed on the Photography Corner Blog and asked what equipment I have in my camera bag. My answer was “I don’t carry one” – a camera bag. I hate carrying things that weigh me down and limit my mobility. I hate changing lens on the camera in the middle of a shoot (paranoid about sensor dust perhaps). I hate heavy equipment. That’s one of the factors that lead me to the Canon G10 about a year. That’s one of the reasons rumors of the new full-frame sensor Leica M9 are causing me to wake in the middle of the night in horror – or maybe it’s the Leica’s expected price tag – something like a small car. I want small and light equipment!

Therefore my new Canon EF 35mm f/2. It has become my main lens (previously Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS). It’s small, light, and reasonably well-built. Doing “Bring him home!” there were three things I wanted to check out; sharpness, wide aperture, and fixed 35mm field-of-view usability for my type of photography (aspiring for close and intimate).

I shot in Aperture Priority full-time, between f/2.2 – f/5.6 if memory serves me correctly. I was worried about shooting wide open at f/2 and missing the focus point, therefore f/2.2. And in situations where more depth of field was necessary I rolled the dial to f/4 or f/5.6. Bright sunlight in pre-noon August gave me shutter speeds of up to 1/4,000, not something I am used to. And as I shoot several frames in continuous mode in these situations the shutter speeds guaranteed no motion blur.

I am very impressed with the lens sharpness, detail resolution and contrast!

Wide aperture and shallow depth-of-field – do not be afraid of f/2! That’s my conclusion. I feel a few of the frames could have benefited from even a shallower field-of-depth.

And in regard to the  fixed 35mm field-of-view usability – no problem! It does take getting used to and several times my left hand instinctively went searching for the zoom ring but eventually I learned to allow my feet to do the zooming.

I would conclude in saying that the only thing I miss is the flexibility of a zoom lens but the advantages of size and weight far out-weigh the limitations of a fixed 35mm in most of the situations that I shoot. Bottom line is that the EF 35mm f/2 stays on the 5D … at least until the Leica M9  😉

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