Project “Hour Glass”: Building the Israel-Egypt border fence – Negev

The Israel-Egypt security fence, project name Hour Glass, is an attempt to stop illegal immigration of tens of thousands from Africa, terrorist infiltration and contraband smuggling into Israel. Now stretching 110Km aim is 230Km by December.

Egyptian military lookout post on Egyptian side of border adjacent to new Hour Glass fence erected on Israeli side. Negev, Israel. 3-Apr-2012.

General Eran Ophir, Head of Hour Glass Project Administration, surveys progress along the new Hour Glass security fence. Negev, Israel. 3-Apr-2012.

New “Hour Glass” Israel-Egypt border fence is 5 meters high and made of galvanized steel bars and mesh and reinforced with technical surveillance equipment. When completed it will stretch from the southern Gaza Strip to Eilat. Negev, Israel. 3-Apr-2012.

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