Solemn Mock Funeral Procession For Yohanes Berko – Jerusalem

Activists conduct a solemn mock funeral procession for deceased homeless Yohanes Berko who froze during the night of January 21st in Tel-Aviv, holding candles in front of PM Netanyahu’s official residence. Jerusalem, Israel. 4th February 2012.

Three months after the liquidation of an improvised tent compound for homeless in Tel-Aviv, street resident Yohanes Berko froze to death on a public bench in Levinski Park during the night of January 21st. A solemn mock funeral procession is conducted from PM Netanyahu’s private residence on Aza Street to the official Prime Minister’s Residence pointing a finger at Netanyahu for personal responsibility for his death and for the dire fate of other homeless people. Hamaabara – The Transit Camp, The Jerusalem Campaign for Housing Rights, claims 46 street residents found a similar death in 2011.

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