Three 2011 Milestones

Not in chronological order;

  1. On June 1st 2011 “Images of My Thoughts” was officially registered as a business in Israel. I closed a 23-year chapter in life to open a new one, focused on one of my strongest passions – photojournalism … which leads to milestone number two.
  2. On May 29th 2011 I received my Fujifilm X100 that has since pushed the Canon DSLR deep into the closet, rekindling a lust for photographic creativity and strengthening the newly opened photo-journalistic chapter.
  3. On October 26th 2011 I underwent a heart cath – almost an epilogue, definitely a life changing experience, also the opening of a new chapter.

All three milestones come together in a 4-minute video;



So, here’s wishing us all many new and good chapters in 2012!


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