My Favorite Museum In The World

Wow! What a day at my favorite museum in the world – Eretz Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv! Always with fascinating contemporary exhibits, a strong emphasis on photography and never disappointing!


Sir Ronald Storrs was the first British Governor of Jerusalem between 1918-1926 when the British took over Palestine from the Turks after 400 years of Ottoman rule.

Being neither Jew (British or foreign) nor Arab, but English, I am not wholly for either, but for both. Two hours of Arab grievances drive me into the synagogue, while after an intensive course of Zionist propaganda I am prepared to embrace Islam

He definitely had a difficult job!


Between the years 1946-1949 the British deported some 52,000 Jewish immigrants to Palestine, Jews escaping the Nazi claws in Europe, to detention camps in Cyprus. Rachel Fisher arrived in one such camp in 1948. She set up Foto Rachel and documented everyday camp life.

Fisher set up a darkroom in a tent, she painted a kerosene lamp red and and set the exposure by opening and closing the tent flap.


Fast-forward to the present – World Press Photo and the local Israeli version ‘Edut Mekomit’ are two exhibits I try not to miss every year.

My very sincere recommendation – go see them now! Before these temporary exhibits end!


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