Even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt!

Hundreds gathered this afternoon, on the 22nd day of the Jewish month of Kislev in the year 5771, at the Wailing Wall for a mass prayer for rain, following a day of fast called upon by Chief Rabbis of Israel.

Services at the Kotel were lead by Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, HaRishon LeTzion, Chief Rabbi of Sephardi Jews and President of The Great Rabbinical Court and silver horns were sounded. Yesterday, Rabbi Amar sent a plea to the worldwide Jewish community to join the fast and prayer, writing “We must gather and shout out to the Creator of the universe to have mercy and compassion on his people Israel, and His mercies are abundant.”

According to statistical data provided by the Israel Meteorological Service to date there has only been 5mm of rainfall on a nationwide average, which is only about 7% of the rainfall last year at this time and only 1% of the multi-year seasonal average.

In spite of the prayers forecasters are predicting at least another ten dry days.


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