Stockholm Impressions

Texting on Train, October 2010

Backgammon, October 2010

Outdoor Cafe, October 2010

Lantern, October 2010

Taking A Break, October 2010

Skal! October 2010

Central Station, October 2010

Depot, October 2010

Klara Church, October 2010

Royal Guard, October 2010

Mooring Ring, October 2010

Alley Crossing, October 2010

Sunset, October 2010

Gamla Stan, October 2010

Michelangelo, October 2010

Narrow Passage, October 2010

Storkyrkan, October 2010

and a few more here: images of my thoughts . com



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5 responses to “Stockholm Impressions

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  2. Very nice! I could search for hours on the web before I find photos like these…Good job!

    René ~Italian Photojournalist.
    Magnum, Sygma

  3. Dor Dan

    Amazing Photos Nir! Love them all, Truly an inspiration!

  4. nir

    Shalom Dor! Thanks! Great to hear from you!

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