Yes, Size Does Matter!

Lag BaOmer, celebrated in Judaism on the 33rd day after Passover, is signified by the lighting of bonfires. 01/05/2010. Jerusalem, Israel.

Yes, size does matter in regard to Lag BaOmer bonfires. In the religious neighborhood of Bait VaGan in Jerusalem participants claim their bonfire is the biggest in Jerusalem. Rising some six or seven meters in height, neighborhood children began collecting wood weeks ago and construction with assistance of the elders took a few days.

The origins of Lag BaOmer are disputed. Traditionally it was on this day in the 1st Century AD that a plague came to end, but not before wiping out 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva. Another interpretation is that the students were killed as part of the Roman attempt to wipe out Judaism after the Bar Kohba revolt (132-136 AD).


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