Rephael Cohen: Shalva Percussionist

Now on in Jerusalem:

Rephael Cohen cheers his team-mates at a special 400 meter circuit prior to the Jerusalem International Half Marathon. The half marathon was dedicated this year to the children of Shalva – The Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel.

EDIT – 24 March, 2010: I spoke to Asaf Kleiman today, project coordinator for Shalva, who helped me meet Rephael Cohen. He told me something about Rephael I want to share;

Asaf met Rephael one morning when they were both on their way to Shalva. Rephael took a coin out of his pocket near a jelly bean dispensing machine. He asked Asaf to help catch the jelly beans so they wouldn’t fall and scatter. Asaf helped Rephael catch the jelly beans, handed them over to Rephael and they both continued together on their way. Asaf noticed Rephael was not eating the jelly beans and asked him about this. Rephael replied “I buy them for the kids at Shalva who have Down Syndrome to make them happy.”

Just sharing something that moved me…

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