Canon G10 Firmware Update

I am one of those lucky ones with the occasional magenta cast images that look great on the LCD and not-so-great once downloaded to PC. I am also very lucky to have a G10 with a serial number in the ‘affected range’. Unfortunately, having checked with my camera dealer a few months ago, the local solution was a service center that required you to drive to Tel-Aviv, leave the camera for about 48 hours then drive back again to pick it up. Unable to part with my beloved for 48 hours I decided to accept its shortcomings and learn to live with them.

Yesterday I ran across the do-it-yourself solution endorsed by Canon. Followed the instructions carefully and the neurological procedure went well. My C1/C2 setting were maintained and the image counter was not effected.

Heed Canon’s warning: The following content is to help you update the firmware by yourself. If errors occur when performing the firmware update, there are instances where the camera cannot be started; therefore, please read the precautionary notes carefully before starting the firmware update.

So, if you are as lucky as I am, go ahead and do it!

Canon PowerShot G10 Firmware Upgrade


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