Point Of View 2009

Well, it’s not Perpignan and there’s still a lot to learn from Visa Pour l’Image, but the setting in the old Jaffa 1892 train station is fantastic and it’s a great start for what I hope will be the annual International Israeli Photo Festival – Point Of View

The two exhibitions I found most interesting were Robert Capa’s prints of the 1948 Tel-Aviv coast with Altalena smoking in the background and newly-formed IDF troops taking cover in an exchange of gunfire with Irgun fighters.

The second was Francesco Zizola’s “Born Somewhere”.

It’s great the curators were able to bring these fine exhibitions to Tel-Aviv.

But the best part of it all was closing the day walking along the coast to the Fishermen’s Restaurant in Jaffa Port with my best friend and love of my life!

(the shrimps in garlic butter and wine weren’t too bad either).


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