Rabbi Tuvia Lifshitz on TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem

Rabbi Tuvia Lifshitz is my new guest on TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Lifshitz speaks of his son Yochai, murdered in a terrorist attack at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, on March 6, 2008.

TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem



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2 responses to “Rabbi Tuvia Lifshitz on TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem

  1. Johnathan Thomas

    Nir, you are doing incredible work! These thoughts and images will tell stories for more years than you and I will every know.

    Blessings to you as you continue to give a voice to those around you.

    I’m thankful to be your friend.

  2. nir

    Wow! (overwhelmed!)

    You see – while I hide behind the words of others you have a way of expressing yourself so eloquently…

    Thank you my friend!

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