1 week into TIPUSIM.com in Jerusalem (and something about the G10)

publicly launching a new project is always exciting. you’re full of expectations and the adrenaline is gushing. especially true when you put off the public launch for several weeks, as i did with TIPUSIM.COM in Jerusalem, until i had 3 profiles ready for viewing.

first was beno leibovici: watchmaker, one of the last of a ‘dying breed’

beno was very cooperative, has what i find to be an extraordinary story to tell, and he tells it well!

next was brhan mekonen: actress

brhan is a beautiful and exciting young lady who i shot previously at the Martef Theatre for youth-at-risk. not only has she put the ‘risk’ behind her but she is well on her way to success!

and last of the three “itzik the plumber”

itzik is a contractor, a philosopher and an actor from birth … and he does wonderful work!

plans for the future – i’ve had two turn-downs this week. can you imagine that?! people not wanting to take part in the project?! but am working on convincing the third candidate. already have most of the shots but he is somewhat reluctant to do the interview. i truly hope it works out!

google analytics has proved to be a very neat tool. obviously premature but TIPUSIM.com reads 66.6% new visitors this last month, 3:14 average time on site (view only one profile?), 22.3% bounce rate (pretty good i think) and 3.24 pages/visit. again, very obviously premature – just fooling around with it.

and the canon g10 – a lovely camera! except for brhan’s photo ‘on stage’ done a few months ago, everything else is g10!
four complaints:
1. no info in viewfinder – can’t tell anything about the exposure except in the lcd.
2. successive shots rate is snail slow.
3. electronic zoom much slower and less accurate than my hands on an canon L lens zoom ring.
4. problematic low light focusing and noise.
but i’m happy!

and as far as the project goes – it’s great fun! intimately meet great and interesting people, short term relationships with short term obligations, a project and presentation format i am very proud of and wonderful comments in the guest book!


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