“he’s OUR child!”

gilad shalit (born 28 august 1986) is an israeli soldier who was abducted by palestinian militants in a cross border raid near the gaza strip  on 25 june 2006 and is being held hostage by hamas ever since. 

900 days!

900 days!

900 days!



a quiet protest watch, situated opposite the residence of prime minister ehud olmert in jerusalem, attempts to remind the pm that gilad was abducted on his post and must be released before that post is over (israeli parliament elections will take place on 10 february 2009).


mr. prime minister, do you sleep well at night?

mr. prime minister, do you sleep well at night?

a woman  passing by was asked to sign a petition. she didn’t ask what the petition was about. she knew exactly what it was about, as does every school child in israel.


hes OUR child!

"he's OUR child!"

“of course i’ll sign! he’s OUR child!” was her reply.

gilad is still alive!


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