saturday with tamar

saturday with tamar at kibbutz meitzar in th southern golan heights …

located in the southern golan heights, kibbutz meitzar hosts a one-year military-preparatory program for highschool graduates. students are educated in leadership, democracy, donating to the community, building their identity in terms of values and ideas and studies of zionism, judaism, philosophy, social awareness and involvment and the history and tradition of the jewish people – all in a modern and liberal approach.

this one-year program, which seems to be an amazing educational and social experience, was tamar’s idea and choice. the program is run in cooperation with the army and tamar’s draft was postponed for one year – tamar’s, and that of her 60 partners in this journey.

satursay dorit and i made the 2-1/2 hour drive to visit tamar. it was a rainy drive through the jordan valley but well worth the effort!

the “campus” seems like a fun place to be. all the young people there seem very nice and most important, tamar seems very happy! 

we had a picnic lunch together in tamar’s room, which she shares with may, a tour of the campus and kibbutz and some great chat time.

it went by too fast! but tamar, at this very moment you are on your way home for the holidays, and we’re waiting for you!



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3 responses to “saturday with tamar

  1. Juliet

    Thanks for these pictures, we have always wanted to know what Kibbutz Meitzar looks like. we are a group in England who love Israel and the Israelis and we would like to pray for the soldies and the recruits and anyone else who feels in need of prayer!!!
    Love from us all Juliet

    • nir

      You’re very welcome Juliet!

      • Juliet

        July 2010 Shalom, We should love some news of you all at Meitzer, how are you doing? We think a lot about you here in England, and I should love to visit you if I ever get the chance. Do you have any pictures you can send us?
        Blessings and love from us all Juliet

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