visa celebrated its 20th anniversary. dorit and i our 22nd. it was great to get away from everything, take it easy, see beautiful places and enjoy good food!

this was our second visit to barcelona, first time on our own without the children, and the city was different. we had a chance to visit sites that weren’t defined as “attractions”. it wasn’t a race from one “extraordinary” place to another. it was a stroll in the city, allowing the atmosphere to sink in, the people to register in our conciousness, and a chance for us to enjoy all barcelona has to offer.

sangria, barcelona, september 2008

barcelona, september 2008

the next morning we picked up a rented car and started out north along the costa brava. the weather was beautiful and landscapes fantastic. we stopped at roses for lunch and instead of choosing a restaurant on the tourist packed waterfront, we walked into the inner streets through narrow alleys, looking for a place where the “native catalans” eat.

native catalan, roses, september 2008

and we found it!

calamari deep fried with lemon – no bullshit, roses, september 2008

crossing into france we were stopped by french police at what looked like an improvised checkpoint. a short “good morning” in english rewarded us with “you can go!”

isn’t it great when you can’t speak the local language and the locals don’t want to make the effort to speak yours?!

france/spain border crossing, costa brava, september 2008

we made a few more stops along the way and finally arrived to our hotel in perpignan.

perpignan is an interesting city! it’s much larger than i thought but we constrained our wandering to the old city where visa pour l’image was taking place. narrow streets and alleys, colorful buildings, and intersting people in what our hotel owner called the gypsy quarter.

gypsy quarter, perpignan, september 2008

the 2nd week of visa is quiet. very quiet! no crowds at exhibitions. almost no restaurants open after 19:00. perpignan in the evening is a ghost town. we mentioned this to our hotel owner. he said the french worked hard all day, were very tired, and went to bed early. i’m not surprised they get so tired speaking french all day!

visa exhibitions were very interesting! most of them located in old buildings in perpignan, cracked walls, pealing paint, arched halls – what an atmosphere!

i saw many familiar works by ziv koren, menachem kahana and brent stirton in the agency french press 20-year exhibition and canon’s ambassadors exhibition. but there were also new findings.

ziv koren – canon ambassador, perpignan, september 2008

i was not previously familiar with the work of paula bronstein but found her project of modern day afghanistan (2001-2008), displayed at couvent sainte claire, amazing! not only is it an excellent job of photojournalism, telling a story, but each photo on its own is worthy of artistic merit. graphically captivating images, even if you don’t read the captions and you’re not too sure what it is you are viewing. much like the style of brent stirton in this regard – almost as though she directs her photos and journalism. 

afghanistan – a fragile peace, perpignan, september 2008

and on the other hand, axelle de russe‘s “china – the return of the concubine”, displayed in castillet. the photos are good but not breathtaking – not because de russe didn’t do a good job, but because the subject matter has its limitations. but her photojournalism is facsinating! viewing the photos and reading the captions i found  myself captivated by very interesting journalism – a strong story very well told!

the roots of heaven – michael nichols, perpignan, september 2008

pierre gonnord‘s “the portrait test” at eglise des dominicains has a striking presence! a small number of huge portraits of extraordinary quality and character portraying the gypsy community of perpignan. i find it difficult to connect gonnord’s work to journalism but enjoyed viewing the photos non the less.

the portrait test – pierre gonnord, perpignan, september 2008

for a day out we drove to collioure. what a beautiful mediterranean town! and it was market day!

spices in collioure, september 2008

baskets in collioure, september 2008

the bay, collioure, september 2008

monochromatic church, collioure, september 2008

collioure, september 2008

two stops on the way back to el prat (barcelona intl’ airport). abbaye de fontfroide, recommended by father josep over gmail chat on wifi in our perpignan hotel.

abbaye de fontfroide, narbonne france, september 2008

abbaye de fontfroide, narbonne france, september 2008

abbaye de fontfroide, narbonne france, september 2008

and les gorges de la fou

bottom line – an educational photographic experience, a fantastic vacation and lovely time spent with my friend and partner in life!




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4 responses to “visa

  1. Dawnette

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Johnathan Thomas

    WONDERFUL photos!

    Congratulations to the both of you. It looks like you had a wonderful time together.


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