sharbat gula

sharbat gula – do you know her?

sharbat gula is the beautiful green-eyed afghan girl who brought steve mccurry a lot of well-deserved recognition. he definitely got me as a fan!

mccurry recently lectured at the lumix festival for young photojournalists in hannover. and since i am a young photojournalist i found the lecture quite interesting. it was delivered with a slideshow of images and i found it captivating to see some of mccurry’s less recognised work and also a few images that i had seen previously but didn’t know were his. the lecture is pretty long. it starts about 20 minutes from the beginning of the video and i have concluded that i respect mccurry more for his photography than his speaking capabilities. but it’s an interesting watch. and he’s a nice guy – he used the sony 828 at about the same period i did so he gets a few points there. but he then moved on to nikon for which he looses a few 😉

anyway, you can watch the lecture here:


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