the malki foundation image

last night the malki foundation held an extraordinary event! the students of emunah college displayed their artwork created as a project to design ‘the malki foundation image’. an international panel of judges chose the winning designs that will serve to benefit the malki foundation for years to come. most of the graphic artists used my photos to decorate their designs and it was wonderful for me to see my efforts go to such great use.

two special guests of honor attended the event with their families. both were in awe to see their images starring in the exhibition. it was real fun to watch them dashing from one display to the next, crutches, rear-facing walker and all, shouting “there’s one!”, “there’s another!”, brothers and sisters helping them to find the next design with their photos.

M’ & O’

some very special people were brought together during the event, for the very first time. arnold roth, malki’s father and founder of the malki foundation, had for many years enforced a policy of zero-intervention in the lives of the families the foundation supports. an intentional barrier had been erected in order to preserve the families’ privacy and to provide support without becoming a burden. arnold had never met the children and their families. but being a father to chaya, a special-needs child, and being the heart and soul of the malki foundation, for the past year arnold followed my project with interest and i know his heart went out to the beautiful children portrayed in my photos. and the families, on the other hand, full of gratitude for years of support enabling them to provide the para-medical therapies and equipment their children require, had only heard of arnold roth, and admired him from a distance. last night they met – satisfaction and love derived from giving, and the gratefulness and love of the receiver. if there was a geiger-counter for emotions it’s needle would have popped the glass!

another highlight of the evening was the ankor children’s choir – a group of beautiful innocent children, all wearing white, singing malki’s song, a song of happiness. i thought to myself ‘what joy this would have brought malki!’ and for a few moments i hid my misty eyes behind the camera viewfinder and dared not look at arnold on my left.

malki\'s song

malki’s song

the whole evening was orchestrated by liat behr, a dear lady and co-chairman of the malki foundation. ever so humbly she scampered behind the scenes taking care of all the details to bring this event to the level of success the malki foundation deserves.

and finally, after dozens of hours of intense production by rachel berger, the malki foundation projects manager, days at the video editing studio, hours producing the sound, weeks bringing it all together,  malki’s legacy video was publicly presented for the first time. audience reaction was pretty good.

following is the hebrew version. an english version will be available and posted here in two weeks. i promise!



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3 responses to “the malki foundation image

  1. Dor

    Just Amazing.

    Excellent photography work and outstanding job on the project as a whole! From what I see, it looks like the event went successfully and really touched many’s hearts. It’s very relieving to see and hear about these kinds of actions taken in order to help the weaker part of society – and especially – the kids.

    Your photos bring so much understanding to the subjects you deal with and capture the real & unique moments – really an inspiration.

    Keep the extraordinary work coming Nir,
    Good day,


  2. Johnathan Thomas


    Congratulations to you on this project. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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