child labour in columbia

i’ve been putting off this post for the last two weeks due to being very busy. dorit is in japan with her mother and sister and i am getting to know the washing machine intimately. i’m also beginning to wrap up ‘malki’s legacy’ and have put hours into a multimedia presentation summarizing the project. it’s not ready for display yet – i sent a draft to arnold roth, malki’s father, for review. i am very anxiously awaiting to hear his first impressions.

but, two weeks ago, tamar summoned me urgently to her school one evening. the students majoring in art put up an exhibition of their work and there was something she said i just have to see. she was right!

my 2.5 blog followers are probably acquainted with dor, who weights about 50% of those 2.5 faithful readers, and often comments on some of the posts. i am honored to feature this body of work by dor dan:

small workers, by dor dan

i stood in front of dor’s prints, each of the four sized at 60cmx60cm in black & white, in awe. it was a “wow!” moment for me and i really enjoyed it because it’s not often i have one of those moments. this body of work, with only four frames, is very strong and it touched my soul. i’m not very good at explaining my feelings … awe, sorrow, shock, compassion, … i don’t know. but it is definitely very strong! and it stood out, even shouted out, among all the other projects exhibited.

if you click the image you’ll be taken to dor’s site where you can read his thoughts and intentions (in hebrew).

** dor – did i translate the title well? please correct me if necessary.






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4 responses to “child labour in columbia

  1. Dor

    Hey Nir,

    Thank you very much for wanting to share my work in your blog – I really appreciate that. I always take your comments seriously and they mean a lot to me especially since you yourself are a professional photographer who understands more than any other about it. I am still learning – and lots of it and inspiration comes from you.

    Again, thanks a lot 🙂

    Oh, and you translated the title better than I would have 🙂

    Take care and say hi to Tamar from me 🙂

  2. nir


    sincerely, my pleasure!

  3. Johnathan Thomas

    As one of the PROUD 2.5, I am also struck by this image statement. So many things in the world are beautiful… so many sad. I think that’s why we have the word, HOPE.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your “Malki’s Legacy” presentation. Maybe a sneak peek before the big release?

    I hope you had a wonderful passover… with the laundry machine. 😉

    Give my love to your family.


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