i happen to know a gifted young actress with aspirations for broadway … or at least for studying drama in london.

her name is tamar alon. have you heard of her? oh, you will!

after months of hard work i was so proud to see tamar on stage this week in a school play put together from ‘a’ to ‘z’ by seven young and talented women. “lizistrata” by anat gov in a young and very modern version was a pleasure to see. a bit embarrassing at times, because of the sexual content that obviously occupies the thoughts of these young people, but still a pleasure!

tamar put months of her energies into this project and had a big part in its success.

not only did she play the part of spartakusit, wife of ancient sparta’s military commander in a war with greece, who formulates a plan to bring an end to an endless war by teaming up with enemy wives to abstain from marital relations with combating husbands thus bringing them to their knees …

… but she was also responsible for the set, creating a modern ancient military camp with a budget close to zero.

tamar, you did a fantastic job and i am very proud of you! we all are! so, what’s the next production?

your dad




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2 responses to “spartakusit

  1. Dor

    Seriously, that was on of many times I actually enjoyed theater. It was funny, it was genius and very well acted out. I loved every minute in that act and Tamar knows that.

    Wish her luck in the future – she is good!

  2. Johnathan Thomas

    ah… a time when video would be a better media. I can imagine how well it was done.

    Tamar, remember the little people when you make it big. (your dads friends from the U.S.)


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