the ugly duckling is slowly transforming into a swan

abstract geometric shapes and gorgeous curves are beginning to transform the calatrava bridge from a construction site into a beautiful work of art.

the bridge is supposed to be finished by the end of may. just a few months off an apparent design flaw was discovered – the bridge will not be able to support it’s weight as well as that of the train. confirmed by an independent british engineering company, this flaw will require extra structural support and several more millions of isareli shekels. a law suit against architect santiago calatrava is being considered.

more on the bridge here



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2 responses to “the ugly duckling is slowly transforming into a swan

  1. Dor

    Nice shots.

    I also started to realize how beautiful and impressive this “artwork” had become and was also planning to go there and shoot some photos. Actually, I haven’t realized it was supposed to be like that until very recently. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    For some reason, every other person I talked to about it said it was ugly and stated that it doesn’t fit in. Well, I strongly disagreed.

    Anyways, nice shots. By the way – what camera are you using? Say hi to Tamar from me,


  2. nir

    shalom dor!

    thanks for your comment!

    the bridge is indeed becoming more beautiful with every day that passes. i think what some people have against it has to do with it’s neccessity (vs. cost) and it’s suitability and blending into the jerusalem cityscape.

    these shots were done with a canon 5d and the 24-105mm f/4L.

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