israel in one frame?

i was recently requested to describe israel to the world in one frame. one shot to convey the essence of a country, 2 nations, 3 religions, about 20 political parties, 6 decades of independence, dozens of cultures,  hundreds of contradictions, thousands of years of history, millions of people…

there’s no way i could do that. at most, i can offer a hint …

two ultra-orthodox jews overlooking mosques on the temple mount in jerusalem, january 2008



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2 responses to “israel in one frame?

  1. Johnathan Thomas

    HEY! I was there. However, your pictures turned out much better than mine. Thus the reason you haven’t seen any yet.

    I have just switched to a new computer, (if you recall, I was having some issues with mine) and the transfer of info should be complete tomorrow.

    I can’t wait.

    THEN, I shall get to work on posting my wonderful experience in Israel.

    Has it been two months already? How time flies.

    Great capture my friend.


  2. nir


    i am anxiously waiting…

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