in their memory

uri was home this weekend. it was great to have him home! it is difficult to explain the wholeness i feel, for us as a family, when uri is home, even if he’s very busy with his new girlfriend. this month he’ll be two years into his service and i have not completely gotten used to it yet.

at this very moment uri is on his way to a funeral in beer-sheba. this is the first time he needs to part from a friend. over the weekend two were lost in the violence in gaza; eran dan-gur (left) and doron asulin (right).


doron served with uri in basic training and in the first weeks of naval officers course before he decided he prefered dry land.

doron’s father was interviewed this morning. he received the news while on vacation. he saw the army officers approaching. he begged them to say doron was only injured … but that was not the case.

i hurt for these two young men. i hurt for their families. i hurt for uri. i hurt from fear.



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2 responses to “in their memory

  1. Nir, I’m sorry to hear about this loss for Uri and the parents of these brave young men. I’m taken back to our time together and the stories of the many Israelis who have given their lives for the country. Every name on those glass pillars… so many names.

    When will Jerusalem be restored? How many more names must fill memorial plaques and walls?

    My prayers are with you and your family.


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