after three days in the north and in the judean desert, we hit jerusalem…

a stained glass window and door in the hall considered to be the location of the last supper of jesus and his disciples, now a muslim mosque. january 2008 on mount zion in jerusalem

the church of the latin patriarchate in jerusalem,  january 2008

the dormition abbey, a massive structure that rises on mount zion, just outside the zion gate. this benedictine basilica was built over the site where virgin mary is said to have fallen asleep for the last time. it was completed by kaiser wilhelm II at the beginning of 20th century based on plans by heinrich renard. shot january 2008.

priest with burning torch, the church of the holy sepulchre, jerusalem, january 2008

worship, the church of the holy sepulchre, jerusalem, january 2008

eathiopean nun, jerusalem, january 2008

jews and mosques, jerusalem, january 2008

backgammon, jerusalem, january 2008

bedouin children parting from johno, judean desert, january 2008

good-bye johno! i hope to see you again soon my friend!




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3 responses to “addendum

  1. Johno

    Thank you so much for the time you showed me in Israel. I am struggling through computer problems still… However, I hope to have them all worked out next week with a NEW computer.

    I hope to post my thoughts and more photos next week.


  2. phlogthat

    Beautiful photos. I have friends from Isreal and appreciated a peak into their homeland.

    Tina @

  3. nir

    thank you tina!
    but, these images represent a very narrow perspective of israel. you have to be here to really see the country!

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