meeting a friend

tomorrow i am meeting a friend. a friend i have never met before, face to face, but with whom i have shared a friendship dear to my heart for quite a few years now. a friend who has made me think, made me smile, made me look and made me listen. a friend who is traveling a road of the spirit (and also flying over 1400 nautical miles to accomplish it!)

am i excited? yes! very much so! among the many intimate thoughts we have shared over the years we hoped we could one day ‘walk the road together’. that day has come.

what has any of this to do with photography? well, my friend and i share a passion for photography. we ‘met’ on a photography forum. we’re going to ‘walk the road together’ and shoot some photos along the way.

photography has brought me so much satisfaction … even in ways i hadn’t imagined…

shoot you at the airport, friend.




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2 responses to “meeting a friend

  1. i hope you guys have a great visit and continued journey together. i can’t wait to see both yours and johnos photos when you get them posted. Gods speed for your time together


  2. nir

    hi don!

    thank you for your wishes! everything is going great! i think johnathan and i are getting along great together. it’s like a meeting of old friends.
    our agenda is pretty packed. i’m trying to squeeze in as much as i can for johnathan, and for myself. trying to show him and explain what israel is all about and i am immensely enjoying johnathan’s perspective on history, religion, life and mankind.
    tomorrow morning we ascend to jerusalem from the judean desert for a first view of jerusalem from atop mt. of olives, just like someone dear to johnathan’s heart did some 2000 years ago…

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