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i had a wonderful day yesterday. dorit & i took the day off and we headed down to tel-aviv.

first stop was the 2007 world press photo exhibition;

portrait of clint eastwood by damon winter (b&w on right)

once again about 80% of photos displayed portrayed conflict, war, pain and suffering and although i consider myself emotionally ‘strong’ and have seen a lot in life including situations similar to those portrayed in the exhibition, walking around the hall with huge prints of the world’s worst really caused my stomach to turn. my wife gave up mid-way and promised to send me next year on my own. pain.

israel’s local annual press competition, “edut mekomit”, displayed alongside wpp, was somewhat disappointing this year. all except a big print of oded balilty’s pulitzer prize winner.

dorit & i found consolation at the “eretz museum” at an extraordinary exhibition of photography by maxim solomon (1922-1999). shots of life in israel between 1947-1957, israel’s first years of independence.

beautiful images that serve as a historical document by one of israel’s first independent photojournalists who dared to shoot ‘outside the concensius’ and did reportage assignments for ‘bamachane’ and ‘haolam haze’ in true journalism spirit, as opposed to government biased propaganda.

for desert we enjoyed lunch at the hertzeliya marina but i was too hungry to photograph the dishes before i swallowed 🙂



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