four new wonders

yesterday i had a very intense day of photography. i had an opportunity to meet four new children relying on the assistance of the malki foundation. each of them a unique person, very special in his or her own way. i felt greatly for them although it’s difficult to explain those feelings. obviously there was sadness – i was saddened for the difficulties they must endure. but there was also a lot of pride in there endurance, in there ability to work hard in spite of their disabilities, and to do so smiling. there’s so much to learn from these wonderful children …

i never had the pleasure of meeting malki, nor the honor. i’ve heard and read a lot about her – things written by her parents and friends. throughout the photo sessions yesterday i couldn’t help asking myself “what would malki have felt for these children?”

i know the answer – compassion and love. her heart would have gone out to them. her hand would be outstretched to touch, to feel … to help. and literally it is, through the malki foundation.

compassion and love – malki’s legacy



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