sexier than the competition

i’ve been kind of busy for the last week or so. has anyone missed me?

i guess not  😦

saturday we visited uri in haifa. he hasn’t been home for a few weeks and last week he marked his 20th birthday. so that was a good enough excuse! we kidnapped him for a few hours, had lunch together and then returned him safely to his commanders.

uri is doing really great! he’s enjoying his service, the course, finding it interesting and challenging, and he doesn’t regret for a second the path he has chosen. i’m so happy for him! is this a future admiral in the making…

the other thing that has been on my mind, and also keeping me busy, is multimedia for journalism, and specifically photojournalism.

i love photojournalism! every project is a learning experience and an adventure. as a photographer i try to learn as much as i can about the project and pass this on to the viewers. not only a documentary of what i saw and learned but also the excitement i felt about it. i love doing all of this through stills photography.

but, again and again i’ve been reading that photojournalism through stills photography is dying. maybe already dead. newspapers are declining in their circulation. photographers are being fired. those that remain are being issued high definition video cameras to master and to capture video, sound, and a still frame once in a while – multimedia. that’s the new key word – ‘multimedia’.

so i’ve begun teaching myself flash – creating a flash presentation in multimedia. it’s a lot of work and i’m still not sure if i like the results or not but it’s the new standard for photo presentations. flash has been rising in popularity over the years. it’s a platform independent solution for displaying presentations with the low bandwidth so necessary these days. with so many photographers and so many internet sites displaying their work, your presentation needs to be ‘sexier’ than the competition – multimedia (recommended viewing: mediastorm).

it will probably still take me some time to finish my first presentation but i promise to share it here.



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One response to “sexier than the competition

  1. lightexposure

    It must be the busy time for all of us…

    I really look forward to your “new” adventure. I’ve always wanted to learn “Flash” alas, the time issue.

    Remember us little photographers when you hit it big.


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