quality family time

i think it may sometimes be necessary to really get away in order to enjoy quality, undisturbed, family time. where better than beautiful ireland?! although uri couldn’t join us i truely enjoyed a week and a half with dorit, tamar and hila. almost no distractions, no daily pressures, 24 hours a day of family, together. an opportunity for renewed bonding and strengthening of relationships as friends, beyond just being a husband and a father.

ireland 2007, whiterocks beach, dunluce

the only things i could have done without were shopping, shopping and more shopping! traveling with three ladies isn’t easy in this respect but i guess if they enjoy so much, why not?!

the giant causeway, october 2007



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3 responses to “quality family time

  1. Dor

    Sounds and looks like you guys had fun.
    For some reason I am always inspired by the quality of your photos… simply gorgeous!

    Waiting to see more photos from you Nir 😉


    P.S- Say hi from me to Tamar 🙂

  2. nir

    hi dor! tamar received your msg.

  3. When i first looked at these pictures… I thought, “lucky man.” However, I really don’t think luck has anything to do with it.

    Family is not luck or random chance. It’s grace. hope. love.

    A father and his family… what more could any Father want than for his own to lay by his side in the sun.

    The joy of taking your loved ones away from the “world” to a place where you can just be family.

    Lucky man? No. Blessed man.


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