an intro to malki’s legacy

on july 22nd i wrote about a letter i received by email in which arnold roth rebukes n.y. time’s decision to illustrate the article ‘hot house’ on palestinian prisoners in israeli jails with a glamor style photo of a smiling ahlam tamimi. i don’t usually delve into mass addressed emails but for some reason this one caught my attention. i surfed into the malki foundation internet site and became engrossed and captivated for over a week. thoughts about malki and the foundation haven’t left me since and it seems they have become a part of my life for the foreseeable future.

i had the honor of meeting frimet (mother), arnold (father) and haya (sister) roth in their jerusalem apartment a few weeks ago and i was deeply affected. haya, age 14, malki’s little sister is extremely disabled. over the years the roths have been conducting a brave struggle to love and care for haya in their home. apparently, all government institutions find it cheaper for children in such situations to be committed to institutions. families that do not comply with this policy often find themselves caring for their child on their own, with very little governmental support, if any.

malki had a very special relationship with haya. a relationship that enabled malki to share frimet’s burden of caring for haya at home – neither the relationship nor the burden obvious or to be taken for granted. over the years malki developed an acute awareness for the suffering of others and devoted herself to voluntary care for handicapped and sick children. she was a very special young woman who left behind an undeniable legacy.

since malki’s tragic death on august 9th, 2001 the roths have climbed out of deep grief, combining their private struggle for the care of haya with strength drawn from malki’s legacy and directing these forces for the benefit of families with children suffering from neurological disorders, severe illness and developmental problems. the malki foundation, established in 2001, serves as a living memory to a young woman who dedicated herself to the care of others less fortunate than herself.

yesterday i met with liat behr, executive director of the malki foundation. after careful consideration i have gained approval for a documentary photography project;

malki’s legacy – the story of hate inflicted death nurturing love and giving, nurturing life.

i intend to document the evolution of the project here on my blog in a separate page, all its own, as deserved. the page can be found here: . i’m not sure how wordpress will handle update notifications of a single post. so, if you’re interested in following the project either enter the page address in your rss reader or send me an email request for manual notifications of updates.


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