summer vacation

a strange period of time, a breach in routine – family time! at least it use to be …

the kids have grown.

uri is away in the army of course. he was home last weekend. he will be home tomorrow and then away for about three weeks. he’s happy and content, he always is.

tamar took upon herself a serious responsibility this summer. motivated by an urge to upgrade her cell phone and to begin driving lessons, the first thing she did this summer was to look for a job. and she found one. tamar is waiting at the ‘vanilla’ italian restaurant and cafe. shifts of 8-12 hours continuously on her feet, a grouchy boss and even an attempt to fabricate her salary for july, in favor of vanilla of course, all these could not deter her. insisting to settle the salary situation completely on her own without my intervention, she received absolutely everything she was owed and she’s still there working the long hours, absorbing the boss’s fits, in complete control of everything she is doing and plans to do.

i am very proud of her! i can’t express the magnitude of my pride for this young woman who in the last six months has matured beyond her years, is so independent and so in control. last night i received a warm hug, ” i feel i didn’t hug you enough today, dad”.

and hila, on one hand still my baby, still dependant, still very close, still a girl wanting to have fun. but on the other hand, only 12 yet with a consolidated mind of her own. she knows exactly what she wants, exactly what is right and wrong but she still needs me to drive her there. we were at the pool today – quality time?! i sat on the lawn catching up on email and rss feeds and looking after our things while hila disappeared with a girlfriend.

but she did remember – just as we were leaving “thanks dad! i had a lot of fun!” and for this it was worth it.

summer vacation – family time, not like it used to be! but i do have something to look forward to next week – three days in haifa with my three beautiful women, dorit, tamar and hila and no distractions, i hope!


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  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with the family. Thank you for proving my point in my post regarding you as a good father.


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