i love digital, but i miss the magic!

yes i do love digital! it’s fantastic for an infantile like myself, unable to defer immediate satisfaction. ‘chimping’, zooming, deleting – the whole world just a touch of a button away. and then computer processing for perfection. how can it be done any other way?

self portrait – my wife’s worst nightmare, april 2003

but sometimes, when i get nostalgic and mushy, i miss the magic of seeing my photos slowly appear right there before my eyes, the smell of developer, the red lighted darkroom, fumbling with the negative to get it into the developing canister and finally, hanging the prints to dry. i did all this at the age of ten, at a photography course for kids. but even after the course, when i rarely developed myself, there was still some magic in dropping off a roll of negatives for developing and waiting a day or two for it to be ready. remember those days? remember the anticipation? before the 1-hour machines? i could never wait to get home with the envelope of prints without opening it to see. it was always opened at the photo shop. and always magical.

magic, july 2007

yes, i love digital! i’d never think of turning back. but some of the magic is gone.



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