dear father josep,

it is beautiful!

i have been walking around all week with a note from the post office, notification of a package, in my wallet. the note did not state the source of the package and i was in no hurry to pick it up.

after receiving your email yesterday, the first thing i did this morning was to run to the post office and i have just returned. the haggadah de poblet is beautiful and i am very happy to now be the owner of copy 575/1000.

i am happy for several reasons; first of all i think it is extraordinary for the opportunity to inspect a jewish manuscript from somewhere around the 14-16 centuries, probably the only jewish manuscript that survived in spain from that time. it’s like getting into a time machine and going back several hundred years, witnessing the preservation of tradition. every year on passover (‘pesach’ in hebrew) we read from a haggadah, telling the story of the exodus  of ancient hebrews from bondage in egypt, and the texts today are exactly the same as those in haggadah de poblet.

but mostly the haggadah de poblet signifies for me our very special friendship. although i did not have the opportunity to see the original when visiting in abadia de santa maria de poblet, but when researching for my article for ‘teva hadvarim’ i was most fortunate to meet you. it was this special manuscript that brought about our special relationship.

therefore i am very happy to have my own copy. a historic book that will for me, signify friendship.

it is beautiful! thank you my friend!


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