handicapped in thought

one week since his adoption from the jerusalem spca, katanchik has proved a new meaning to the word ‘handicapped’ and that three legs are almost as good as four.

tamar and hila fell in love with him immediately. “if we don’t take him he’ll probably be euthanized” and “i also have a bad ankle so what are you going to do? throw me out of house?” – how do you argue with such a plea? i was torn in ambivalence. dorit was no help. her social worker soul immediately sided with mercy and compassion. in the end it was a matter of either leaving tamar and hila at the spca happening at saker park or taking the 6-month three-legged puppy home.

24 hours into the adventure i felt i had made a mistake. taking tasha and katanchik out together isn’t easy. tasha pulling forward, katanchik lagging behind. constantly watching him so he doesn’t fall down stairs, having to bend down and pick him up to get him into the car because the jump is too high for him. what had i agreed too? he was handicapped! and he would continue to be so for many years to come! considering my options was depressing – there were none. to return him to spca, what might be a death sentence, was something i would probably never forgive myself for, not to mention how tamar and hila would feel and what they would think of me. leaving him in our home – that wasn’t heartening either.

it took another 24 hours for katanchik to teach me a very important lesson, and tasha too. missing his front right leg and running, jumping, climbing, doing everything a 6-month puppy does, he is really amazing! he doesn’t know he’s handicapped! tasha has adopted him almost as her own puppy. she adjusts her pace for the puppy when we go for a walk, stopping to look back and make sure he’s ok. she doesn’t know he’s handicapped – that’s evident in the way they play – rough and tough. tamar and hila don’t treat him as a cripple. why should i? a few slight adjustments, that’s all! katanchik, you’re here to stay!

handicapped in thought me, not you katanchik! the insight of the week. a state of mind. i’ve learned a lot this week. still haven’t completely formulated my thoughts but i’ll let you know when i have.

and then i shot this…

ancient moon rise, july 2007




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3 responses to “handicapped in thought

  1. My dear friend, I believe a house full of women are turning you soft. 🙂 Give Uri a call and talk about some “man” stuff.

    OK… fun aside, this is a wonderful story. It’s been exciting sharing in your story telling journey. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will enjoy these thoughts.


  2. nir


    uri is home this weekend. he read your comment and says you’re 100% right!

  3. phlogthat

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    I recently started a photo blog @ http://www.PhlogThat.com Many of my photos are from my travels and everyday life. Enjoyed your site.


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