baha u llah

baha who?!

that would have been my reaction a few days ago until i learned of him. and he had some pretty cool ideas too.

i thought it might provide some fuel for thought…

one God, one human race,  full equality and an end to prejudice, inquisition, jihad, crusades, intifada, ethnic cleansing, intolerance, bosnia – herzegovina, darfur, taliban, al quada, cote d’ivoire, cyprus partition, east timor, kashmir, shiite and sunni in iraq, northern ireland, chechnya, tamils,  … need i list more? so many connections between religion and atrocities in written history and to this day!

the bahai faith was founded in 1844 by baha-u-llah who taught of one God, one human race and that all the world’s religions have been progressive stages in the revelation of God’s will and purpose for humanity.

the bab was a persian who announced he had been sent by God to prepare humanity for a new age and the imminent appearance of the baha-u-llah, a messenger of God even greater than himself. the bab was martyred in 1850 (how not surprising). his remains were preserved and concealed for over 60 years, eventually transferred to the holy land and interred in 1909 in a mausoleum on the slopes of mount carmel in haifa israel.

the colonnade and golden dome, designed by canadian architect william sutherland maxwell, were completed in 1953 and today mark the bahai world center.

claiming more than 5 million followers in almost every country in the world, the second-most geographically widespread religion in the world – have you ever known a bahai?

and their gardening isn’t bad either!




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4 responses to “baha u llah

  1. Hey,

    Thank you for this post, I enjoyed reading your perspective.

  2. This was one of my topics for research in college… I read and interviewed members of this faith and found it interesting.

    I have several thoughts about this faith, many I have written and deleted due to the fact that this is not the forum for my thoughts.

    The gardening is excellent. I have a small hill in my backyard and I labor at cutting the grass on the hill. I can only imagine the effort put into cutting the grass on the hill that leads to the center.


  3. Joanne Richmond

    A Bahai? Never heard of it, but I have the same philosophy. Why can’t Muslims, Jew, and Christians (plus all others, not mentioned, who are believers) join together in a universal worship of the One God, by whom He is Known in many Names, get together and have a nice life? We don’t need boundaries, the whole earth belongs to Him, and if we put all the resources together, there would be no starvation, and everyone would have a roof over his/her head. Shame on the present human race, for not thinking!

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