character in black and white

i really get excited when i shoot a frame i know will look great in b&w, and i usually know right there and then, just after the shutter click.

last week i went to shoot the pride parade in jerusalem. it was colorful, diverse, fun …  but one man, standing on the sidewalk watching in awe, caught my attention. he saw me composing his portrait but i think he was so deep in shock, culture shock, from the gay marchers, that he just kept staring. just after the click i knew i had it! the one frame that made the whole session worthwhile. i smiled to him, kind of making a gesture to thank him for the shot. he just kept staring. i think it might take him until next years parade to get over the one he just saw.

culture shock, jerusalem gay parade, june 2007

black and white – is there any better photographic method for conveying character and mood? for touching the soul? i don’t think so!



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