the festival begins!

this will be an ongoing, week-long, post. that’s how festivals are – ongoing.

it began early yesterday morning. hila, you turned 12!

calling it a bat-mitzvah is beyond my religious beliefs, but still, 12 is not just another birthday. it is more significant. i’m not sure why. maybe because it signifies you’re becoming an adult. this specific birthday certainly corresponds to a new maturity you have revealed to us in the last few months. still coarse, still not completely molded, a little wild and uncontrollable, but it’s there, no doubt about it.

boy these last 12 years have flown by quickly! it was just yesterday that you joined this world, and our family.

you made your mark right from the start. claimed your place in our lives and demanded the attention you deserved without compromise.

‘hila’ in hebrew means a corona, a halo. you are the moon’s corona. without you it would be just a round grey star. and you brought your luminance into our home and our lives. we love you for that dearly!

twelve also signifies womanhood. that’s a joke! you’ve already been a woman for twelve years!

but hey! let’s keep the rest of the transition into womanhood gradual. don’t hurry! i promise you’ll get there whether you hurry or not.

and you’re already pretty close…

thursday, june 14th 2007

you were beautiful at the celebration! very much so!

it began with about 60 little indians running around the zippori pool in the jerusalem forest enjoying the facilities you planned for them in a party they will not soon forget.

then family and friends for dinner in a very warm and fun atmosphere. warm in the sense that everyone enjoyed each other’s company. not so warm in regard to temperature – we forgot to warn our guests about the cool jerusalem evenings. oops!

your speech made me tingle with excitement and pride! you proved your maturity, your witt and your sensitivity. great job!


what a family! i love you guys very much!

and finally … the opening of the presents until after 01:00

but it not over yet…

thanks to my little brother raz for the photography!

friday, june 15th 2007

one more dinner celebration…

and it’s still not over! a special family vacation in your honor awaits us in september, but that’s for a different post.




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4 responses to “the festival begins!

  1. Ah, yes… Twelve. Happy Birthday to you Hila.

    All my best to you Dorit and Nir during this wonderful season.


  2. nir

    hey johno!
    thanks for your blessings!
    it’s been a busy week. update to follow soon.

  3. more photos! I love them. it would have been nice if I could have been there. (I wish) perhaps sooner than you or I know. 😉

    so until that time comes, I will take the smiles and joy this wonderful season of life brings.


  4. nir

    johno! what a clue! when?

    did you get the email i sent earlier this week? how is everything?

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