line of fire

i first ‘met’ ziv koren through his work displayed in the world press photo traveling exhibition displayed in tel-aviv. his shots simply stood out. i was captivated, as i hope you will be when through with this post.

numerous award winning israeli photographer ziv koren‘s 1995 photo of  an exploded bus, published on the cover of ‘time international’, was selected in 2000 as one of the 200 most important images in the last 45 years by the world press photo association, besides receiving several other rewards.

another of ziv’s images displayed in world press photo, a ‘dolphin’ submarine on its way from the german manufacturer to its new home in the israeli navy, also caught my attention.

a few years later, as uri was nearing his draft to navy officers’ course, he also decided to redecorate his room. he was looking for a photo that had to do with the navy. i suggested he contact ziv to ask about buying a print. an amusing email interaction took place between uri and ziv. eventually, understanding that uri was not in a position to purchase a print at ziv’s usual prices, ziv sent uri the full res image file, allowing uri to make a print and then delete the file – a present for uri’s upcoming draft.

i next met ziv at a course on documentary photography i did in tel-aviv, run by contact magazine. ziv was an instructor that either discouraged you to the point of despair or pushed you to the limits of your creativity. brutal in his critique ziv made sure my feet were on the ground and that subjective owner’s euphoria didn’t cloud my sense of reality and direction. i learned a lot from this photographer, i greatly respect him and  i admire his work!

today i ran into an online presentation that summarizes much of the work ziv has done over the last two decades in regard to the israeli-arab conflict. ziv has often placed himself on the edge of a knife to get the images he set out to achieve and his work is extraordinary.

do yourself a favor – follow the link below, click on the full screen icon at the bottom-right and and lock out everything else for 3:30 minutes.

line of fire




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