fields of the sea

sdot-yam” – that’s what it translates to – ‘fields of the sea’, and it’s a very fitting name.

the rocky shelf spilling into the mediterranean is indeed like a field in the sea, and the clear, calm, flat mediterranean waters enclosed by the shelf are there for harvest.

what a wonderful family vacation!

2 kilometers north of ‘orot rabin’ electrical power plant …

and about 1 kilometer south of the ancient harbor of caesarea

kibbutz sdot-yam could not have been better located. it’s no wonder why the palmach established its base for the palyam here (the sea force of the palmach – the palyam main activity was ha’apala – the bringing of jewish refugees from europe by ships, despite the british white paper of 1939 which limited jewish immigration into palestine. later the palyam became the israeli navy – quoted from wikipedia), and why israel’s first naval officers’ course took place here – they all wanted to enjoy the beautiful beach!

and a few words about caesarea –  a port city erected in the 3rd century b.c. and named after augustus cesar, it served as the capital of israel in the roman and crusader periods and was the seat of the roman governors of judea. caesarea served as an important christian center in the byzantine period.

conquered by the turks in the 7th century, muslim influence is noticeable in the archaeological artifacts although the mosque displayed below was probably built by bosnian muslims that settled here in the late 19th century.

the sdot-yam kibbutz was established in this location in 1940. in its first days the main source of income was fishing. today sdot-yam’s livlihood is based on ‘caesar stone’ marble factory and on tourism. it was the tourism that brought us there and i’m glad it did!


as always, most images are available as prints or for stock licensing. let me know what you need.



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3 responses to “fields of the sea

  1. Dor

    Hey Nir, wonderful photography indeed.

    One thing that really bothers me are the water marks on your photos. I think you could make them a bit lighter or some other sign or logo, because then it destroys the image totally. Don’t know, just a little opinion here. If you need help with that please let me know, I am a photoshop freak so I might be a little help to you.

    Anyway, have a good day,


  2. nir

    hi dor!

    thanks for commenting and thanks for your offer!

    i refuse to completely remove watermarks or to place them at the bottom or corner of images. obviously i don’t want anyone downloading images for free but also most of my photos are available for stock licensing under royalty managed licenses and i must protect them from unauthorised use. i intentionally want the watermarks to be very prominent and not easy to remove. yes, i know some of the photoshop tools for removing them but if they’re dominant enough on low res images i think it will be difficult to remove them completely and create an image with good enough resolution to use without my permission. i also have iptc data embedded in the photos.

    but, since you find the watermarks so ugly, i would be happy to see some examples or suggestions. really i would!

  3. Johnathon

    Great photos , thanks for publishing them. I was a volunteer in 1980 and 1982 love working there.

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