youth minister johnathan thomas, dedicated to God, family, youth and humanity, photography and writing his thoughts (johno, did i get the order right?).  a man i admire and am honored to call my friend, although we have never met (yet).

i first made johno’s acquaintance on the smugmug forums. i think some of the first posts johno submitted, that made a big impression on me, had to do with a week long camp for local youth in uganda, somewhere at the beginning of 2005. he came back from uganda with a photo i fell in love with immediately. it took the editors of ‘kodak photo of the day’ a few more weeks to recognise its beauty and strength – march 11, 2005 in times square n.y. (enter march 11, 2005 in the search box).

i got hooked on johno’s forum posts, displaying wonderful photographic work and written eloquently with passion and intensity from the heart. johno’s evolving into blogging swept me into both his blog (The Road to Gaza), and i think was one of the greatest motivational factors in beginning to write my own. johno has a way of seeing into peoples’ hearts, zooming his lens into their soul and and conveying his insights with words; pure, fresh, clean words and thoughts.

johno is running two additional photographic projects alongside his blog; Photography 52, a photo of the week display of his work, and 52 Photos 52 Lives, an amazing and passionate person of the week feature. you don’t want to miss it!

i asked johno why he calls his blog “The Road to Gaza”. johno’s reply was not a short one, nor simple. actually he split it up into four parts linked to here:

Road to Gaza (part 1)

Road to Gaza (part 2)

Road to Gaza (part 3)

Road to Gaza (part 4)

Road to Gaza (part 5) Conclusion

i have to admit i have not yet reached an ultimate understanding of johno’s thoughts. i think i’m on the right track but the complete essence of johnathan’s journey of the spirit still evades me. i wrote johno that if he ever decides to literally/physically take the journey on the road to gaza, i would love to meet him and travel the road together.

a photoblog post with no photos … hmm. ok! go see johno’s photos!!


edited:i’ve added a link to jonathan’s Road to Gaza (part 5) Conclusion. it did help me to see johno’s thoughts more clearly, to better understand what this wonderful man’s life is all about. i do not share johno’s religious beliefs, actually i have very little religious beliefs if any at all, but i admire johno for his love of ‘his neighbor’ and his willingness and dedication to stretch out a helping hand. whatever, or whoever it is driving johno, he is simply a great human being.



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  1. catitausa

    That is great. God bless you my friend

  2. This is a great Photography blog, thanks for the info.

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