attention! officer on deck! … soon

uri has come a long way since…

 uri’s draft, march 2006

and since …

 basic training saturday visit, april 2006

more than 12 months into his service uri has undergone rigorous training, hours of study and many nautical miles in numerous types of crafts. he has strengthened and toughened. he has matured and ripened. he has developed seeds dorit & i planted,  qualities that waited to bloom. and he is blooming! uri is content, full of interest, enjoying the challenges, eager for more! and we are so proud of him!

friday we were invited to haifa to take part in a ceremony honoring his graduation of the advanced stage of naval officers course. 33 graduated from over 100 that began the course. he still has a long way to go – another 16 months before he is fully ordained an officer in the israeli navy, but friday’s ceremony commemorates a significant milestone in his naval training.

we were fussy over the need to leave jerusalem at 06:00 to be in haifa by 08:00, but uri and his team mates left base at 03:00 to manually row zodiac inflatable boats in the cold mediterranean night prior to greeting us for the ceremony.

gathered near the beach with other proud parents, siblings and friends, we first saw them coming in from the sea. everyone cheered them as they rowed their last few meters to shore.

the ceremony was festive as the cadets marched and stood in formation and their officers, wearing festive navy whites, ran the ceremony.

lieutenant colonel yosi mashita, commander of the navy academy, shakes uri’s hand after pinning a gold commanders’ pin to uri’s left shirt collar

a gold commanders’ pin …

a symbol of the understanding of the value of life, the life of others, the commander’s responsibility for their lives – a legacy passed from generation to generation in israel’s society.

there are other traits required by a commander – knowledge, professionalism, integrity … but most important is the understanding of life – a commander’s ability to take it or to preserve it.


and the grand finale – a rose presented to mom!

so, attention! officer on deck! … soon.




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2 responses to “attention! officer on deck! … soon

  1. How proud you and Dorit must be… I’m guessing you are walking a bit more upright with your chest out and head up… a sign of a very proud father.

    Give Uri my “congratulations!”


  2. nir

    thanks johno! i will.

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