holocaust remembrance day


i have made the vow not to forget

may boyer highschool, jerusalem, 16-april-2007

tamar at holocaust remembrance day ceremony

my grandmother shoshana, the eldest of 7 brothers and sisters, was sent to palestine before it all began. she was 16. her mother escorted her to the romanian port of constanza. they wept as they parted and her mother said to her they would probably never see each other again.

shoshana rozia margulis, 1913-1996

the dreaded prophecy became reality. shoshana’s parents, sarah and itzchak-leib margulis, and her brothers berl-dov, chaim, yekutiel (died young of pneumonia), esther, bluma and yekutiel were murdered by the nazis.

today i try to remember them!




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5 responses to “holocaust remembrance day

  1. Very sad event thanks for sharing your photos and story.

  2. Nir, Tamar looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing the history of your family. The strength of your stories keep alive the things that we should never forget.

    BTW, I have not ignored you question re: “Why the road to Gaza?”

    Give your whole family my very best.


  3. Milan

    Very nice blog, Nir. I found the link on dgrin.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your story

    It’s all very sad

    Take care.


  4. nir

    thanks everyone for your comments!

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