professor gavriel cividalli

my father-in-law was a special man. the type of person that had a great impact on your life once he had touched your heart. you could not remain indifferent to his kind heartedness and generosity. no one did. in a sense, he lived his life for others, content and grateful when he could help. 

after saving or easing hundreds of lives battling leukemia in children for decades, it was leukemia that determined his fate. gabi cividalli passed away five years ago, almost literally in my arms. i drove him home from the hospital that afternoon for a few hours of freedom. when things began to deteriorate he refused to go back to the hospital. he knew the end to his suffering was near, his ultimate freedom, and i realized that too. at home, in his favorite reclining chair, his last breaths were the saddest moments of my life but i was honored to be there beside him and part from a great man very dear to my heart.

a dear man, loving and loved, you will remain in our hearts forever, april 2007

“i am happy to have had a full and active life, happy that i was able to help some of my patients, happy that my daughters have wonderful families and that i was able to help them. i believe a person that dies continues to live through his offspring and through those who were close and that he continues to live in their memories. i tried to give all i could to those i love. i probably erred along the way but i have never knowingly done harm to anyone. i hope you continue to live your lives taking care of yourselves, but also thinking of others, and that you continue to love and care for each other.”   – gabi cividalli




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