fearers of God

the haredim, fearers of God, live in closed communities in their own neighborhoods, study in their own schools and are for the most part exempt from mandatory military service. they average 7 children per family, the men lead a life of piety and prayer, study the torah rather than work and they rely on their wives income and that of government welfare. they constitute about 10 percent of the israeli society, about 600,000 people. these practices have caused resentment and isolation from the secular majority of israel’s population.

please do not pass through our neighborhood

in immodest clothes

april 2007, mea-shaarim jerusalem

due to a fear of corruptive influences on religious teachings and very strict observant jewish lifestyle, israeli ultra-orthodox jews have been banned by their rabbis from using modern communications.

surfing the net, the forums and blogs

april 2007, mea-shaarim jerusalem


images of my thoughts


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  1. These are really interesting photos.

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