the wolf is back

exactly one year ago i had a unique opportunity to shoot the extradition to the u.s. of ‘the wolf’, ze’ev rosenstein. unique in the sense that i had access to restricted parts of ben-gurion international airport in tel-aviv. my camera and i escorted the marshals as they themselves went through security checks, as they briefed their prisoner and as they boarded the plane to the u.s.. 7-march-2006 my shots were published on the dea website  front page.


regarded as one of the worlds top drug traffickers, ze’ev rosenstein (ze’ev meaning wolf in hebrew),   didn’t really seem like a wolf to me, as u.s. marshalls shackled him in chains, searched him, removed his watch and $50 cash, and took him into their custody. he was very calm, somewhat docile, as he realised he was indeed on his way to a district court in miami. he had a hard time hiding his concern.

today, after being sentenced to 12 years to be served in an israeli prison, the wolf is back.



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